European luxury house of Cracovian heritage founded in 2006. Supplying rare objects for a moment of resort.

Beside services taking place in secluded venues around the globe we arrange private meetings at the house.

Objects remain rare thanks to the waiting list, securing artificial scarcity for our most popular objects.

After being created the objects are sent out from the house on unpredictable schedules around the globe.

Cracovian turmoil
fused with Swedish soberness.

The love of creation come in many shapes. One can always marvel at the one that not only is passionate about the art but also sees the beauty in between. Szymon Zürn pays tribute and celebrates the one cultivating creation at the highest level. From Pierre Yovanovitch to Jan Kulczyk to Vitalik Buterin. Inspiration is sourced from the negotiation of the object and space, the individual and tribe and between chaos and peace.

Experiencing an object created by Szymon Zürn one feels immediate sentiment of a feeling that has become rare. A reminder of the strength and sensitivity of what it is to be human.
The objects are a few and the number created each year is small.