“Put me anywhere on God’s green earth, I’ll triple my worth.”



SZY is an independent and family owned design house of Cracovian heritage, founded in 2006 by Szymon Zürn. Supplying the 1% with rare objects made for a moment of resort.



The collection of Waiting-list objects, created by local artisans in sturdy materials, secure scarcity for our most popular objects. The most popular being the Carry-On, created in 2014 and successfully adopted by the ones cultivating creation at the highest level.
While our aesthetics are sober – the details are subtle and raw, giving the objects adaptive and long-lasting lives. For the Waiting-list objects inspiration is sourced from special items that were once left behind and now brought back to life.

Szymon Zürn’s beginning took place in the family house, in the highlands south of Cracov. Born into a travelling family of tradesmen, engineers, craftsmen, suddenly wooden trunks were packed yet again and the family dispatched out in the world. Stitch by stitch, orders increasingly engaged the family and today, with offices in Stockholm and Cracov, SZY dispatches rare objects to private clients around the world.